Supherbness, it means high quality and feeling great on the inside.

SupHERBness means high quality and feeling great on the inside. Something we can aim for every day with Thompson’s One-A-Day Herbs. Each premium herbal formula contains a single herbal active to help you get where you want to be with your health, every day.

Thompson’s source only quality raw ingredients and our products are tested to help ensure the right potency and consistency is delivered in every health supplement. Make the switch to the Supherbness of Thompson’s One-A-Day Herbs. Nature’s high quality, off the shelf herbal health supplements.

Discover Thompson’s One-A-Day Herbs.

  • Thompson's One-A-Day
    Bilberry 12000 Capsules

    Herbal formula for healthy eyes

    Herbal formula to help support healthy eye function and healthy capillaries

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  • Thompson's One-A-Day
    Grape Seed 19000 Tablets

    Antioxidant formula to assist with healthy blood circulation

    Antioxidant formula to assist with healthy blood circulation

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  • Thompson's One-A-Day
    Milk Thistle 35000 Capsules

    Helps the liver detox naturally

    Helps the liver detox naturally and aids digestion

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  • Thompson's One-A-Day
    Ginkgo 6000 Capsules

    Herbal support for mental alertness

    Herbal support for mental alertness, concentration and memory as we age

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Always read the label. Use only as directed.

High quality herbs, vitamins and minerals.

Finest ingredients tested to be their best

Thompson’s products are formulated with high quality ingredients sourced from Australia, New Zealand and around the world, with rigorous sourcing and testing through to final product.

  • By using only the finest ingredients with rigorous sourcing and testing, we strive to deliver the very best in quality and efficacy for your health everyday
  • We undertake stringent quality control checks to ensure active herbal ingredients are standardised where possible, which helps to ensure each product batch contains the same amount of the active ingredient to deliver the same health benefit
  • All products are tested in Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) licenced laboratories and made to exacting requirements under international PIC/S standards of good manufacturing practice

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